CBD dosing varies from product to product.  Based on our extensive experience, the dose of Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract has been determined to be 0.5-1.0 mg /kg by mouth TWICE daily for most dogs.  Each drop of our 100mg/ml solution contains 5 mg of full spectrum CBD.  Drops can be placed on food or into your pet's mouth.  If your dog or cat does not like the taste, try mixing it with flavored yogurt, canned food or a small amount of cheese.

Here is the dosing based on lean (ideal) body weight of your pet:

< 10 pounds         1 drop TWICE daily

10-20 pounds        1-2 drops TWICE daily

20-30 pounds        2-3 drops TWICE daily

30-40 pounds        2-4 drops TWICE daily

40-50 pounds        3-5 drops TWICE daily

50-60 pounds        3-6 drops TWICE daily

60-70 pounds        3-7 drops TWICE daily

70-80 pounds        4-8 drops TWICE daily

80-90 pounds        4-9 drops TWICE daily

90-100 pounds      5-10 drops TWICE daily

Cats should be dosed as 1 drop TWICE daily.

Always start with the high dose for several days.  If the desired effect is achieved try slowly decreasing the dose to get to the lowest effective dose.  If the desired effect is not achieved, slowly increase the dose.

Treat dosing

The 10 mg dog treats are ideally suited to full manage 10-20 mg (22-44 pounds) in body weight.  They can also be used to supplement dogs at a lower dose who may be less effected are for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in those dogs.  The treats can also replace a certain portion of the needed drops for various sized dogs.  You can also give theses treats to cats as they are highly palatable. Cats typically would get ¼-1/2 treat TWICE daily

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