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Peak Therapeutics was created by Dr. James Gaynor, a veterinary anesthesia and pain management specialist.  Dr. Gaynor tried to use other commercial hemp-based CBD products for several years and found both a consistent lack of efficacy and a persistent lack of transparency amongst CBD producers.  This means they would not provide a list of contents or a certificate of analysis.  Peak Therapeutics is always happy to answer any questions you have so that you can make the right choices for your pet.  We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and transparency.


The mission of Peak Therapeutics is to provide high quality products in a manner of integrity in order to help preserve the human-animal bond.

About Dr. Gaynor

Dr. Gaynor went to the Colorado College for his undergraduate work.  He left Colorado Springs, travelled through Alaska and then worked with the Peregrine Fund in Grand Teton National Park.  He then committed to becoming a veterinarian and went to The Ohio State University.  After a year in private small animal practice, he returned to The Ohio State University to pursue a residency in anesthesiology.  Dr. Gaynor finished his residency and a master’s degree in cardiac physiology in 1992, after which he joined the faculty at Colorado State University. In 1992, Dr. Gaynor left the university to pursue a private practice career. He continues to treat patients, conduct clinical trials, and publish papers.