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CBD dosing varies from product to product.  Based on our extensive experience, the dose of Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract has been determined to be 0.25-2.0+ mg /kg (2.2 pounds) by mouth TWICE daily for most dogs.  Precise dosing is based on volume.  Give 0.05 ml (5 mg) orally or mixed with food for every 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of body weight TWICE daily.  Increase or decrease the dose as needed to achieve the desired effect. Our recommendations for dosing are to start in the middle of the dose range and adjust from there, trying to find the minimally effective dose. We recommend most patients be started at 1.0 mg/kg orally TWICE daily (as described above) for 2 weeks. If the desired effect is achieved, we recommend decreasing in small increments or just leaving it. It is very hard to hurt a patient with low doses of CBD.  If the desired effect is not achieved we recommend increasing the dose in 25% increments for a week at a time until the desired effect is achieved.

If your dog does not like the taste, try mixing it with flavored yogurt, canned food or a small amount of cheese.

*All of our products contain less than 0.03% THC by weight*