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These treats have 10 mg of full spectrum CBD. There are 20 treats per bag.  These treats are very different from any other CBD treat available for dogs.  Other treats have CBD processed into the treat.  Our research shows that a product loses at least 80% of the CBD when it is exposed to heat.  The Peak Therapeutics CBD dog treat is baked then the CBD is sprayed homogenously into the surface, preserving 100% of the CBD.

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The 10 mg dog treats are ideally suited to fully manage 10-20 kg  (22-44 pounds) in body weight.  They can also be used to supplement dogs at a lower dose who may be less affected or  for maintaining homeostasis (balance) in those dogs.  The treats can also replace a certain portion of the needed drops for various sized dogs. You can also give these treats to cats as they are highly palatable. Cats typically would get ¼-1/2 treat TWICE daily

*All of our products contain less than 0.3% THC by weight*

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Weight 4.75 oz

Bacon, Peanut Butter, Blueberry, Bacon with CBG

1 review for Peak Therapeutics CBD Dog TREATS

  1. Lindsey Helgoth (verified owner)

    My dog is a 17 pound, 14 year old Chihuahua mix. He has been on 2 drops, twice a day, of the Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract (green label) about 4 years for discomfort in his hips. Recently, I decided to get him some of the CBG treats as well. It kind of felt like a serendipitous purchase, as he fell off our front porch a few days after the treats arrived. It is only 2 steps high, but he twisted his right shoulder and was limping really badly and he couldn’t go down any kind of steps. I was having to carry him down the steps every time he needed to go potty. I am always hesitant to take him to the vet because he struggles so hard while they are examining him that sometimes he hurts himself trying to get away (even on his prescribed Trazadone and Gabapentin). Our vet said that I could give him a baby dose of Tylenol and a little extra CBD, and see how he felt in a couple of days. I decided this was the perfect time to try the CBG treats because even though he’s 14, he is still wants to go for a 2 miles walk every day. Our vet said no walks until he quit limping, which is basically torture for him. So, instead of extra CBD drops, I gave him half a CBG treat at noon and half a treat before bed. They really seemed to help reduce his stress from being housebound. I will definitely keep these on hand for whenever he seems stressed or for when he’s having a pain flareup.

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