Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract: 100mg/ml: 15 ml (Blue Label)

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Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract is a full spectrum product made by CO2 extraction.  This means that the active components are accompanied by related important factors which make the product more effective, than a simple narrow spectrum only product. This is a hemp based product.  Hence, less than 0.3% THC.  As such, there should be no psychoactive effects.
This is a highly concentrated full spectrum CBD product of large volume, ideally suited for medium to large dogs but usable in small dogs and cats.

Unlike virtually every other product available, we analyze each batch of our full spectrum hemp extract to assure a product which has the content on the label.

*All of our products contain less than 0.3% THC by weight*

All flavors are plant-based and vegan

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CBD dosing varies from product to product.  Based on our extensive experience, the dose of Peak Therapeutics Hemp Extract has been determined to be 0.5-2.0 mg /kg by mouth TWICE daily for most dogs.  Each drop of our 100mg/ml solution contains 5 mg of full spectrum CBD.  Drops can be placed on food or into your pet’s mouth.  If your dog or cat does not like the taste, try mixing it with flavored yogurt, canned food or a small amount of cheese.

Here is the middle range dosing based on lean (ideal) body weight of your pet:

< 10 pounds          0.05 ml (~1 drop)* TWICE daily
10-20 pounds        0.10 ml (~2 drops)* TWICE daily
20-30 pounds        0.15 ml (~3 drops)*  TWICE daily
30-40 pounds        0.20 ml (~4 drops)*  TWICE daily
40-50 pounds        0.25ml TWICE daily
50-60 pounds        0.3 ml TWICE daily
60-70 pounds        0.35 ml TWICE daily
70-80 pounds        0.4 ml TWICE daily
80-90 pounds        0.5 ml TWICE daily
90-100 pounds      0.6 ml TWICE daily
 Cats should be dosed as 1 drop TWICE daily.

Start with the middle range dose for several days.  If the desired effect is achieved, try slowly decreasing the dose to get to the lowest effective dose.  If the desired effect is not achieved, slowly increasing the dose.

*Dosing by drops is most accurate for smaller dogs and cats.  As dogs get larger, dosing by volume from the eye dropper is most accurate

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Weight 1.75 oz

Natural flavor, Chicken flavor, Beef flavor, Bacon/Pork flavor

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